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Neeta and Erik Kuiper can assist you in organizing your tailor made travel plans in Suriname.

Independent travelling in Suriname.
Neeta and Erik Kuiper offer more than only an apartment.

We would like to introduce ourselves. We are Neeta and Erik Kuiper and we own an attractive guesthouse in Domburg. A delightful spot to overcome the tiring flight and an ideal operating base to explore Suriname.
As a result of our many years’ experience in destination management we know all the in’s and out’s of Suriname. Furthermore we like to take time for our surroundings. For our home, our pets and the garden; and especially for our guests.  Starting at your welcome into our quality lodge as we are glad to get to know you and propose activities in the immediate vicinity.
Our advice is: first get some “feeling” for Suriname.  Take a couple of days to get settled, look around you, make some excursions in the neighborhood and chat with the natives. Experience the country from the inside and then decide which places you want to visit and which day trips and excursions you want to make.  We help you selecting appropriate accommodations in the whole country, arrange for you the best tour guides and if necessary offer support on location. In short: if you like; your hostess and host in Suriname in the widest sense of the word.

What we need to know from you to help you better.

Address: Guesthouse Little Paradise, 9e straat # 154 Domburg, Wanica District, Suriname.

Phone + 597 370111 / Mobile: +597 – 864 5818e.mail

Please tell us more about yourself. The better we will be able to offer you tailor made services.

Our aspiration is to make sure that your Suriname experience will be unforgettable.

I have been given this day,

To use as I will,

I can waist it,

or use it for good,

What I choose to do is important.

Because I am exchanging A day of my life for it.